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Welcome to 2015! We have many changes coming in the new year. We have moved many of our ministry updates to our blog page. Click the "RCM Blog" tab above to see what has been happening. We will keep you informed going forward there. Thanks for visiting our website!

A very special message from Bro. Rick Clendenen:

 The Lord began to speak to me November 17, 2014 concerning the year to come as I entered into prayer. I just simply opened my prayer by saying, "Lord, I come into your presence," and immediately He responded to me by saying, "I will substantiate you."

 The word "substantiate" is quite unique. It has four different definitions.

 It means "to establish and strengthen as with new evidence or fact".

 Two: "to represent in a bodily form".

 Three: "to make real or concrete or give reality and substance to".

 And four: "to solidify, firm up and strengthen".

 As I began to pray that evening, the Lord began to speak to me concerning what this year holds. He said that 2015 will be a year of His power and His presence when He would raise up His people to prominence in the face of adversity and He would undergird and strengthen them even with His own right hand.   They shall witness His power and see His very presence revealed in their time of difficulty. He said, "Do not be afraid. Trust Him. Stand strong and see the salvation of the Lord".

 He also said that this would be a year of the salvation of the Lord; that He would move from manifestation that invoked worship to demonstration that would bring evangelism and salvation to the heathen.  So, let me encourage you. Do not be afraid, but boldly engage the lost. For this is the year of the demonstration of the Lord and you will see His full salvation.

Rick Clendenen's third book "Becoming a Friend of God" has been released electronically!! It is also available in paperback. Order yours at amazon.com today!!

His Kingdom United, The Power of Love [Kindle Edition] is NOW AVAILABLE. Written by Author/Editor Dr. Jose Bonilla and featuring contributions by Rev. Rick Clendenen, Dr. Ralph Godfrey, Dr. J.T. Parish, Dr. David Parish, Chuck Proudfit, and Dr. Mark Roser. Click here to order your copy!

Reminder: We have moved the old RCM site to our sister site at www.rcmproducts.net. You can go there to see the site as it was on July 31st. Periodically portions of the site will migrate over to this new site and be taken down from the old one. When we are through, it is likely only the product and perhaps the media archives will be left.

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