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Praise report from the church planting effort in Sudan...

I just want to give a praise Report, we are grateful to God, for the church in the refugee camp, I've been there recently evangelizing, we registered about 124 people giving their lives to Jesus, we also baptized 32 people. The meeting went very well, on Sat and Sunday we were joined by our Hispanic brothers from New Jesey lead by Santana, they gave out some supplies to the refugee people, Glory to God!

We also officially opened this church and prayed for Isaac Deng and Dinka speaking brother and James Loro a Madi speaking. Both are our church planters, they have been in our training in Kampala, still going through the training.

This place we have this new church, has 26000 Refugees from Sudan. last time it was only 21999 but more people are still flooding in Uganda for refugee. Keep S.Sudan in prayers. The method i feel lead to use now in reaching these Dinka speaking people, is we would like to open up a small clinic at least to meet some of the small medical needs, brother James, has some knowledge on medicine, Dr. Bruce can testify to that, he would like to use that as a means of reaching the people with the gospel.

Secondly. Isaac, Will be teaching the Dinka on how to read and write, both english and Dinka, a 90% can't read or write, therefore we would like to buy bibles and teach them to read from the bible. we believe its a great evangelist tool.  Isaac, is devoted and very clever, despite of the suffering he has gone through, he is the man for this assignment. a little about him, ten years in the refugee camp, 8 years in exile and only 3 years that he remember settled in Sudan.
He knows very well how to handle his people, pray for him and James!

Now the good news, is the group from Hispanic church of God, promised to help us build the two rooms, one for clinic and one for office, at least we need one for the pastor's house.
Lastly we need to buy the bibles and some scholastic materials. Thanks for your prayers and support in REACHING THE UNREACHED!

Henry Wynn

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